Agim Bacelli, Nickname - Agideba.

Agim Bacelli

He was born and raised in the city of Korcha, situated in the Southeast of Albania near to the border with Greece.

He started writing in verse at the age of 12 years old and even younger. His late father was a popular poet (bejtexhi). He used to versify easily and recite to Agim. He was very sweet-tongued! He taught his son how to make verse, in poetry, revealing to him its 'secrets'. Sometimes though, Agim failed in creating verse and remained a writer of proser; prosing and writing short stories. Later, poems and prose became his hobby and have remained so for the rest of his life. Agim has published his articles in Albanian newspapers and mass-media. Although he liked the publicity, he was not able to publish his own works due to the Communist regime in Albania. Albanian poets & writers were considered to be 'crazy people' during the Communist regime and many of them ended up in jail. Agim published many publicity articles or short stories and poems, but had not published a book to date. He was wary of any persecution from the Communist regime. In 1991 the door of democracy was opened to Albania and for Agim as well.

He came to America, on May 22nd, 1995, through the 'Diversity Visa' lottery with his family; wife Evrion, and two sons named Ermalg (Eric) & Erkend (Kenny). America, the land of opportunity and a free and great country, provided him the chance to publish seven of his own works.